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Phonak Baseo Q15-Up Bte Hearing Aid

৳ 35,000.00

  • Computerized Programmable Digital Hearing Aid
  • No Of Channels = 4
  • Battery Size : 13
  • Fitting Range : 20-120 Db
  • Gain : 73 Db


Phonak Baseo Q is the comprehensive entry-level BTE family for mild to profound hearing losses, including seven hearing instrument models in three performance levels • The three-channel Phonak Baseo Q10 with two models M and SP • The two-channel Phonak Baseo Q5 with two models M and SP Powered by the innovative technology of the Phonak Quest platform, Phonak Baseo Q provides great sound quality and proven first-fit acceptance in cosmetically attractive BTE housings. Key features Phonak Quest The Phonak Baseo Q hearing instruments are built on the technologies of the high-performing Quest platform and are TM programmed using the Phonak Target fitting software. The latest chip design and key Quest features result in a natural sound perception and high first-fit acceptance. Fixed directional microphone The fixed directional microphone increases speech understanding in noisy environments. By using dual microphones instead of one omnidirectional microphone, it reduces disturbing noises from the back and makes it easier to follow a conversation. It can be manually activated whenever better understanding in noise is required. WhistleBlock WhistleBlock is a very efficient feedback canceller that allows accurate distinction between feedback and natural signals such as those found in music. WhistleBlock is only applied to true feedback and provides up to 20dB added stable gain, increasing audibility and sound quality, free from any whistling.


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